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BEETROOT & CASHEW DIP with toasted garlic flat breads

There is nothing better than a delicious dip. For a snack, an easy Sunday lunch or as part of a grazing board for all the sporting finals that are on this month. However, have you ever read some of the ingredients that are put in dips? Preservatives and other hidden nasties quite often frequent the ingredient list in premade shelf dips. The moral of this story is, have a quick read the labels or have a go at making your own. They are really easy to whip up and usually much more economical too!

This Moorish Beetroot and Cashew dip is packed with flavour and the end result provides a great colour that is sure to brighten your friend’s and family’s day. Perfect to team with the suggested garlic flatbreads or any other crackers or veggie sticks of your choice.

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