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This Tzatziki is so tasty and delicious, not to mention super quick to whip up and full of fresh quality ingredients. Tzatziki is very versatile and is sure to add some pizazz to any meal this spring. It can be used as a sauce on grilled meats, falafels, burgers or wraps. Tzatziki can also be used as a dip and is a great addition to a grazing board.  

 Sheep milk yoghurt is used as the base for this Tzatziki. Sheep’s milk yoghurt has many health benefits, including being full of beneficial probiotics, and is made from of the most nutritious milks available. Sheep’s milk is usually tolerated better by the human digestive system than cow’s milk. It is also much higher in protein and many other important nutrients.

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No one will believe you when you tell them that these delicious little cakes are dairy free, gluten free and contain no grains. Real and honest ingredients are used to create these pint-sized gems. The sneaky addition of black beans to this recipe adds bonus nutrients that are rarely found in your average cupcake, including protein and fibre. These delicious morsels are a great addition to a cup of coffee, your next work morning tea or an easy remedy when you need a sweet treat. I would suggest throwing a few in the freezer before icing to have a continuous supply of tasty snacks.  

If a gentle coffee undertone is not your thing, leave it out. However, if coffee is totally your thing, you are going to love these! For those coffee lovers out there, ‘top’ them off, with a chocolate-coated coffee bean.

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These patties are a well balanced vegetarian option that your family are friends are going to love! Made from vegetables, quinoa and chickpeas and little pockets of melted tasty cheese. Delicious! They are full of wholesome ingredients, nutrient dense, and a great source of plant-based protein.  

These patties are extremely versatile and relatively fool proof, so get creative. Feel free to change up the veggies, substitute the grains and legumes and add some spices. If you are vegan or dairy free, leave out the cheese or switch for vegan cheese. Whether in burgers, wraps, a sandwich or as a finger food, these tasty veggie patties should make an appearance in your kitchen this week!

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Everyone loves a tasty sweet bread recipe! This one is deliciously moist and packed with flavour, a hybrid between a carrot cake and honey loaf. The earthy taste of carrot combined with some attitude from the all spice and a little sweetness from honey, makes for a tasty loaf with a difference. It is a little moorish and it can be difficult to stop at one slice. Making two at a time is strongly suggested when it comes to this recipe. Toasted or fresh, this bread is great for school lunches, work, a quick breakfast or with a cup of tea. This loaf is sure to sweeten your day.

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